Another way to while away a half hour or two…

By looking at pictures.  Beautiful, clear, intimate, sensitive colour pictures.  They were taken by the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information (and I find myself wondering about the conjunction of the names here) during the late 1930s and early 40s.  Wikipedia tells me that the Farm Security Administration was set up during the Depression to improve the conditions of sharecroppers, tenant farmers and very poor landowning farmers by resettling them in group farms on more suitable land.  My! this all sounds rather socialistic, and obviously the Conservative Coalition thought so too, as the program was reshaped to help poor farmers buy their own land.

Anyway- look at these beautiful colour pictures, and here’s an even larger black and white collection at the Library of Congress.  I’m off to indulge….


5 responses to “Another way to while away a half hour or two…

  1. What amazing photos. I can’t believe the quality of many old photos, such as the ones at Oh, that all reads like spam, but it isn’t.

    • Wow! That’s a terrific site too. Shame about the name! In fact, it’s inspired me to have a blogroll of photo sites.

  2. Fabulous, my favourite is the one of the little girls in dresses all made from the same bolt of cloth.
    Did you watch Stephen Fry in America? Quite illuminating about this period…

    • I think I taped it, but it’s merged into one of my tapes of miscellaneous documentaries, and I don’t know if I can find it again.

  3. I miss our old VCR. Now we have one of those hard disk things, digital and all that jazz, (a) you can’t remove the tape and play it somewhere else (so I can’t record things to use at school) and (b) it gets full up eventually and then you have to delete them.
    I suppose the idea is that we’re supposed to go and buy the DVD…

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